Academic program mentors - elementary school children

Todd Lamothe, OCT - Program Director at Jeong's Family Taekwondo of Niagara Falls

We provide an after school program for elementary aged school children in our Niagara Falls taekwondo centre every weekday during the school year as well as day camps during PA days. We are currently in need of experienced teachers with capable skills in group management plus small group instruction experience in any of the following subject areas - the arts, mathematics, critical thinking, problem solving, music, coding and robotics.

Our after school program runs from 3:00pm until 6pm every school day. Our A+ program team members prepare and deliver the nutrition breaks, assist students in transitioning between stations and activities, assist teaching staff or deliver primary lesson as needed and work with students in small group or in a one to one capacity.

Our staff members work part time (minimum two days per week or more). Remuneration is calculated on an hourly basis and paid out bi-weekly.

For further information about the specific expectations of the position or to set up a personal interview to determine if you are the right person for us, please contact Todd Lamothe, Director of Operations at Jeong's Family Taekwondo of Niagara Falls. 3-3930 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, L2H 3C9.
Contact by phone at 905.329.6479 or 905.401.5425. You can also check out our family of schools on-line at