Geo-caching for body and brain fitness and fun!

September 20th, 2015

How is it, as a former geography teacher, I am only now discovering that there is a huge population in every corner of the world that has been into geo-caching for decades?
I love the outdoors. I devour maps and the latest GPS benefits. But I had not encountered this activity/sport in my travels until I spent an afternoon with seven members of District 42, Mainland British Columbia at their AGM this week in Penticton, British Columbia. While others chose the winery tour and a wonderful restaurant lunch, (nothing wrong with that!) we keeners signed up to use special GPS and smart phone technology to seek out the secret caches that abound in the mountains all around beautiful Okanagan Lake.

As the photo shows, this is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and it is truly and exercise of the body as well as the brain. I marvelled at the concentration and excitement of our group of novices, as we took up the challenge of finding these secret caches that range in size from as small as a thimble to as large as a volleyball, all incredibly creatively hidden by those who develop the caches.

In my commitment entitled Walk with Me that appears in the fall edition of Renaissance, please know that geo-caching qualifies as an exceptional attraction to get outside into the fresh air and to move and think and to enjoy the company of others.

Oh, by the way, this is not just one of those BC things! There are caches by the score all around you and in every part of the world. As RTO/ERO members I know you travel all the time so here is a way to explore new areas everywhere. The added benefit in BC and in every other province and territory in Canada is that members may choose to live anywhere in Canada and still enjoy our group benefit plans. This is yet another unique service feature available to retired Ontario education staff who join RTO/ERO. So grab your walking shoes, invite some friends and get caching!

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